New Punk Rock Mystery Items – Apr 28

Well, to all punk rock fans, this week’s theme is for you! I never really listened to punk rock too much because I don’t tend to but I could start listening to it again just to see what it sounds like. Well, back to the main topic! There are three new mystery items added into the blue and golden boxes this week. The Purple Ribboned Hat can be found in the blue boxes, the Union Jack Guitar and the Hanging Stage Light can be found in the golden boxes. Good luck finding all the punk items!

Purple Ribboned Hat
(Blue Mystery Box)
Union Jack Guitar
(Gold Mystery Box – Animated)
Hanging Stage Light
(Gold Mystery Box – Glows)
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New Weekly Royal Wedding Items – Apr 24

This week’s theme in Pet Society is The Royal Wedding that is on April 29, 2011! Are you going to watch it? Do you even care about? For me, I don’t really care too much about but I will watch it anyways. I would like to hear your opinion in the comments below. Let’s see this week’s items, shall we must?

In Furniture:

Royal Wedding Book, Royal Wedding Side Table and Royal Wedding Cake Decor

Regal Tea Set, Regal Pastries Tray Decor, Regal Tea Pot, Royal Wedding Glass, Royal Wedding Table and Royal Wedding Celebration Drink Tray

Royal Wedding Kneeler, Regal Grand Candlestick, Regal Red Chair and Regal Purple Chair

Royal Wedding Church Pew

In Market:

Evolving Flower Bouquet

In Clothes:

Flower Girl Headdress, Flower Girl Dress, Flower Girl Petals Basket, Flower Girl Stockings and Flower Girl Shoes

Ring Bearer Top, Ring Bearer Pants and Ring Bearer Shoes

In D.I.Y.

Grand Cathedral Wallpaper, Cathedral Stone Floor, Cathedral Interior Wallpaper and Cathedral Mosaic Floor

Cathedral Stained Glass Window, Cathedral Window and Cathedral Entrance

Regal Red Curtain

Royal Wedding Divider and Regal Purple Curtain

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New Royal Free Gift and Other Wedding Goodies – Apr 21

There is Golden Fish Bait in the Free Gift section this week. Don’t think this is another free gift, you actually could get another item from it! With this bait, you could get six different fishes from the Fishing Pond. If you get all six, you will get a Giant Royal Teddy as a reward. Also, if your friends aren’t really helping you out, you could check out the Pet Society Fan Page on Facebook for FREE baits through out this week!

If you found the groom plushie in the Mystery boxes, he also needs a bride to go with it. Lucky, you could find the Royal Bride Plushie in the Town Forest. The wedding plushie couple is now complete!

Golden Fish Bait(Free Gift) Royal Bride Plushie (Weekly Digging Update)
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New Royal Wedding Mystery Items – Apr 21

This week, there are four new Royal Wedding mystery items this week. I think most of you know the Royal Wedding of William and Kate on April 29 already so I don’t need to start explaining everything about it. The Regal Gold Sconce can be found in the Red boxes, the Wedding Rings Cushion can be found in the blue boxes and the Regal Red Roses Decor and the Royal Groom Plushie can be both found in the Golden boxes. I have a question for you all, will you watch the Royal Wedding?

Regal Gold Sconce(Red Mystery Box) Wedding Rings Cushion(Blue Mystery Box)
Regal Red Roses Decor(Gold Mystery Box) Royal Groom Plushie(Gold Mystery Box)
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New Weekly Easter Theme Items – Apr 17

This week’s current theme in Pet Society is Easter! I think most of you either know Easter by the Easter egg hunts, the Easter Bunny and chocolates or the Christan holiday where Jesus Christ rose from the dead. Let’s see the items, shall we?

In Furniture:

Blue Patio Swing Set, Blue Patio Comfortable Chair, Blue Patio Stool and Blue Patio Umbrella

Pink Patio Swing Set, Pink Patio Comfortable Chair, Pink Patio Seat and Pink Patio Umbrella

Easter Egg Basket, Basket of Spring Flowers, Wooden Patio Table, Patio Coat Hanger, White Bordered Blue Cushion and White Bordered Pink Cushion

In Market:

Playfish Eco Bag, ‘I Heart Earth’ Bear Plushie and Eco Tree Seed

Hideeni Easter Egg Display Case

Gourmet Cake Shop Decor

In Outdoor:

Pink Flower Pot and Blue Flower Pot

Light Stone Fence

In Food:

Easter Treats Bunny Stall

In Clothes:

Spring Picnic Girl Headband, Spring Picnic Girl Glasses, Spring Picnic Girl Dress and Spring Picnic Girl Shoes

Spring Picnic Boy Top, Spring Picnic Boy Cap, Spring Picnic Boy Glasses, Spring Picnic Boy Pants and Spring Picnic Boy Shoes

Puffy Curls Wig

In D.I.Y.

Stone and Wood Wallpaper, Pink Striped Wallpaper, Blue Striped Wallpaper and Spring Grass Floor

Spring Garden Window and Spring Arch Window

Blue Spring Curtain and Pink Spring Curtain

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New Easter Goodies and Hideeni is an Egg(Literally)

If you need a new stool for Easter, you could go to the Free Gift section to get Spring Patio Stool for free! Also in the Town Forest digging area, there are runaway chicks in the dirt! The Hopping Chick Hat is only there for a week though.

Spring Patio Stool
(Free Gift)
Hopping Chick Hat
(Weekly Digging Update)

The Hideeni is back with new Easter items…. in an Easter egg. He is an chocolate Easter egg with a blue bow. (At least there is no pink on him this time which is good) There is nine different eggs to collect and when you get all nine, you will get White Chocolate Egg Suit as an reward! Good luck finding all nine eggs! 😀

Easter Hideeni! White Chocolate Egg Suit
(Completion Reward)
Purple Precious Egg Blue Chickadee Egg Yellow Chickadee Egg
Pink Patterned Egg Orange Patterned Egg Pink Chickadee Egg
Blue Wrapped Egg Green Wrapped Egg Pink Wrapped Egg
Hideeni Easter Egg Display Case
(Furniture – Living) (Market – Toys & Collectibles)
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New Easter Mystery Items – Apr 14

I’m back! After about two weeks of vacation and rest, I’m going back to blogging about Pet Society! 🙂 For some reason, it felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders when I took a break. Anyways, I feel better now so back to the main topic! 😛

There are four new Easter mystery items in the Mystery boxes this week. The Wicker Basket with Towel is in the red boxes, the Spring Flowers Planter can be found in the blue boxes and the Spring Picnic Basket and the Spring Patio Seat can be found in the golden boxes. Good luck finding all the Easter items!

Wicker Basket with Towel
(Red Mystery Box)
Spring Flowers Planter
(Blue Mystery Box)
Spring Picnic Basket
(Gold Mystery Box)
Spring Patio Seat
(Gold Mystery Box)
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